Let Dreams Take Flight - The Opening Ceremony of the 12th "Love Knows No Borders" International Charity Sale Held in Beijing
2020-12-12 13:45

On December 12, 2020, the opening ceremony of the 12th "Love Knows No Borders - Let Dreams Take Flight" International Charity Sale was held in Beijing. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his wife Qian Wei, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qi Yu, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng and other officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with over 130 representatives of embassies and offices of international organizations in China, attended the ceremony in person or via the Internet.

The guests watched a themed video and a short video entitled "Me and My Love" which introduces the implementation of the projects financed by money raised from the charity sales in the past two years. When hearing the children wearing donated cochlear implants say clearly "I love my mom" and seeing the children in Jinping and Malipo counties in Southwest China's Yunnan Province running happily on the new and beautiful playgrounds, everyone couldn't help but burst into tears.


In her speech, Ms. Qian Wei expressed her appreciation of the caring and support from foreign embassies and international organizations in China and kind-hearted locals and people from overseas toward China's poverty alleviation efforts. Qian Wei said, for 11 consecutive years, the "Love Knows No Borders" event has linked kind-hearted Chinese and foreigners with recipients closely together through 11 different projects. The ruthless pandemic does not deter the caring people. This year, the event takes a new form. For the first time ever, it is being conducted online and will invite foreign envoys for a live streaming sale. She believes the event will gather more love and help China shrug off poverty. The fund raised from the event will be used for de facto unsupported children in Jinping and Malipo counties. All the love will light up the children's dreams, raise their sense of security and happiness, and make them more confident, healthy and happy.

Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov delivered a speech on behalf of the foreign diplomatic missions in China, speaking highly of the Chinese government for the remarkable achievements in its fight against COVID-19. He noted that all 832 poverty-stricken counties in China were lifted out of poverty as scheduled, showing that the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have won the biggest battle against poverty in the human history and made great contributions to the cause of international poverty reduction. The foreign diplomatic missions commended China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for mobilizing its social forces to alleviate poverty and were very glad to be part of this effort to help China's public poverty alleviation.

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered remarks at the ceremony. Wang Yi said, COVID-19 may have affected face-to-face exchanges, but it will not stop efforts to pass on love. The "Love Knows No Borders" International Charity Sale has gone from strength to strength since its launch. It has grown to an important platform in joining the efforts of China and the rest of the world to pass on love and care, a window for the Chinese people to learn more about the culture and history of other countries, and a bridge and bond for mutual understanding and friendship between the people of China and the world. The work being done under the charity sale program has made a real difference. Our efforts have changed the future of these children and brought laughter back to their families. The "Love Knows No Borders" charity sale is part of China's national endeavor of ending poverty. What has been achieved is not the end of the journey, but a new beginning. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to hold this charity sale event and make sure that the event will keep progressing with the times. Wang Yi expressed his hope and belief that the event will continue to receive the support and contribution from all foreign diplomatic missions in China and people from all walks of life.

20 embassies and international organizations in China, including the embassies of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, Iran, Ethiopia, South Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Poland, Fiji and Peru in China, EU Delegation to China, as well as Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, were given the "Contribution Award", "Love Award" and "Diplomacy Award".

At last, all the guests witnessed the kickoff of the "Cloud Charity Sale" event.

The event is scheduled to last for one week on a special webpage "Offering Assistance through Consuming Products of Poverty Alleviation Flagship Store" of China's e-commerce platform Tmall. Some foreign diplomatic envoys and representatives from Jinping and Malipo will recommend products with streamers on the live streaming booth of "CCTV News" on Taobao on the evening of December 16. The fund raised will be used for de facto unsupported children in Jinping and Malipo counties for their education and growth.